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              PROJECT EN CN

              Dianjing Mould

              Create high-end automotive lamp mold

              Headlight Mould

              Dianjing have a senior professional team, which strictly controls the quality and schedule of each project, complete with advanced equipment, imported from abroad, and has absolute outstanding advantages in terms of accuracy, capacity and delivery.

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              Rear Light Mould

              Dianjing has a professional mold design team, providing rapid prototyping to product or mold design services.

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              Light Guide Mould

              Dianjing has accumulated valuable theoretical and practical experience in the design and manufacture of molds, and is in a leading position in the industry.

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              BMC Reflector Mould

              Our company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. We has a sound organizational structure, scientific management and perfect services.

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              About Dianjing

              Won the "Excellent Mold Supplier" in 2019

              Dianjing Mould Co., Ltd is located in China mold town - Huangyan Taizhou.
              We own a strong team with many top talents to offer high-quality supporting services to OEM companies and supply them with powerful technical support. We participate in evey step of developing new products directly and actively, and put forward valued suggestions for new products' improvement and design.

              Founded in 2008
              More than 48 patents
              Three major bases


              Leading the mold industry

              The Digital

              We introduced the professional mould management software ERP/APS/MES.

              Drived by "two Core" - project management and plan management, DJCN will become one of the most competitive & top informatization management level among local automotive lighting mould companies, Introducing the manufacturing execution system, lead by the design and guided by technology during manufacturing, overall arrangements of all resources with the core of plan management. With two plan systems of MPS & APS, executing the whole management from intention order to mould quotation, project control, design management, material purchase, inventory management, manufacturing, assembly, to trial or commissioning.



              Professional mold design team

              Dianjing has a professional mold design team, providing rapid prototyping to product or mold design services.

              Dianjing has a professional CAD / CAE / CAM software system. For molds with special requirements, We will provide professional mold flow analysis.



              Precision equipment, Quality assurance

              Our company has gathered many top talents in the automotive lamp mold industry and formed a professional automotive lamp mold design and manufacturing team to provide high-quality mold supporting services and provide strong technical support for many OEM automotive lamp manufacturers at home and abroad.

              Our company is equipped with German WENZEL three-coordinate measuring instrument, high-speed precision CNC milling, double-head CNC EDM machine, precision grinding machine and precision polishing equipment.

              Global Market Distribution

              Our company has been serving major OEM automotive end customers from home and abroad

              Contact us

              Tel:+ 86-576-84203933

              Fax: +86-576-84203922


              Add:No. 25, Chaoyuan Road, Xinqian Development, Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang

              Copyright (C) 2019 Taizhou Dianjing Mould Co., Ltd.
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